Our resident African shaman is Tdr Dodzi Agbenafa. Dodzi is a Ghaniain traditional healer, who has been living in South Africa for over two decades, and has been practicing his gift, inherited from his ancestors, for most of that time.He is the MD of a company called Natural Healing, which works closely with South African and international organisations, providing spiritual oils, herbs and plants to the market.As such, he is one of the foremost traditional spiritualists on the African continent, and is well respected, consulting to clientsall over the world.

In 2006, Dodzi moved to South Africa, where he started practicing full time as a natural and spiritual healer, having received a number of international certificates from the Traditional medicine Practice Council in Ghana and a licence to practice from the international Traditional healers Organisation.

In 2016, Dodzi started AgbeNoir Trading, together with his wife, and acquired AgbeFarm, a business which is now growing its own sources of spiritual products on a farm in Gauteng.

Dodzi is a well-known speaker on various topics regarding natural healing and spiritualism, and consults regularly on the following:

  • Growing spiritual awareness and explanations of spiritualism and its power in the modern world;
  • How spiritual awareness can positively affect family and relationships, building deeper bonds with children and a partner
  • Providing assistance in the Interpretation of dreams and how these are spiritualmessages
  • Providing guidance on building a career or business, and how to choose an individual path to success
  • Acting as a Spiritual lobbyist – interfacing with the spiritual realms to request assistance for a particular person or project
  • Spiritual Healing and the importance of spiritual retreats
  • Facilitating a connection with ancestors and how this can shape a life and create a sense of purpose and well-being

Consultations with Dr Dodzi are included in all our retreats and corporate packages.

To book an individual consultation with our shaman, please contact lisa@agbenoir.co.za.

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