Testimonial 1

I did not know how lost I was until Emmanuel helped me find my way

” – Lara, Gauteng

Testimonial 2

In honour of Emmanuel Dodzi Agbenafa
I Mon., came into Emmanuel’s life not by default. All everything by reason.
I’ve struggled spiritually for a very long time, way before I met him. I grew up as a Christian but lost my ways on a very long dark road. I never had an easy life I always believed that I had bad luck. Since a young girl I knew that luck wasn’t on my side. I had to face a lot of challenges from my dad being a heroin junkie to my mom working low end jobs to look after me, my Mom & Dad tried to stay together through the ups and downs. My mother found my father cheating and her heart was shattered, he was her true first love even though he had his issues she always looked past it.
Ever since…
My Mother was a broken woman, she started going out with multiple men and her drug scenario started as well. With this she met her second husband Wayne. He was amazing at first obviously trying to impress my mother up and till he sealed the deal, he quickly became a monster. We lived as a family together in Midrand Johannesburg. I called him daddy, Wayne and my mother often had fights… from a young age I was always on my defence and I’d try and protect my mother meaning I always got involved. He abused my mother and myself. It came to one morning when I was sick and didn’t go to school that my mother had to go to work and left me at home with him as for he worked from home. She realized she forgot something and came back home to get it, as she got into the house she came into my room and found Wayne on top of me smothering me with a pillow.
This shattered her… And we left
After all this my mom finally lost the plot leaving me with family relatives as she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Drugs, partying & men is how I grew to know my mother. Don’t get me wrong my mother was a good woman her intentions were only but good. She always made sure that I was looked after even though she couldn’t. As she was trying to find herself I had to go through a very unsettling unstable schooling system. I ended up going to 25 schools Primary & High, town to town.
I fell pregnant at the age of 16 standard 10 in a town called Bela-Bela in Limpopo. Were my mother was married for the 3rd time. She seemed settled and happy and I thought the same for me 16 and pregnant ‘’in love’’
Plot thickens…
Found out that my mother had cancer a year later she passed away and my step dad up and left with a stripper, and guess who has no where to go with a baby, ME. My father couldn’t look after me because he was a hobo with a heroin addiction. So… I moved in with my son’s father just to find out he was a dirty sleaze bag who was cheating on me. I have standards even though I didn’t know what to do or where to go… The situation got real ugly real quickly. From court orders to custody battles but they kicked me when I was down and had no one to turn too. Long story…..
This is just a bit of history…. I finally met a wonderful family
They took me in… they looked after me as I was one of their own. I met Katherine through mutual friends and she saw my circumstances and asked her mom Lisa if they could take me in. And so they did! ALL EVERYTHING FOR A REASON. Lisa’s house hit a bit of bad luck, I always had guilt on my shoulders thinking it’s because I moved in there. I have also at this stage been taking hard drugs. I got into an accident broke my femur and wrists, got out of hospital straight home in a wheel chair. They broke into Lisa s house with me in it stole her valuables and thank GOD left me untouched, as I was healing and got better I got brave and went out, fell of the band wagon and started hard drugs again. Lisa s house had a big trampoline under a huge beautiful tree, I’d usually sit there after clubbing just to pull myself towards myself. We had some friends over, let’s say like an after party. I was alone with my guy friend at the front of the house by the trampoline chatting. I was sitting on the trampoline and my guy friend was talking to me standing about a meter away, I felt a strange movement behind me on the trampoline but as I looked back there was nothing, I said to my friend that in feel strange and that there was something strange behind me. Out of the blue he said he going to pray… I thought weird, but went with it…. As soon as he spoke in tongues I manifested and crows where flying high above the tree screaming. He rebuked the demon and it left…
I always had an idea that I didn’t have bad luck but I had spiritual background from my ancestors that wasn’t good.
This was sort of my first real manifestation. Myself and my friends got a liquid drug vile to test before it went out on the street. As soon as we took it I could feel that it was spiritual. I separated myself from my friends went and laid in the room, my friend came in and I attacked him speaking in tongues and a deep deep deep manly voice. It wasn’t as bad as the first time because it didn’t show and I didn’t know what it was so it was blown over as a joke.
I’ve been possessed several times….
By a wolf mostly he howls he claims he is an Egyptian God… he speaks in tongues and curses the people who dare try save me. He has possessed my body 3 times. I was weak… and manipulated by the darkness because I had allowed it in and had no way of sorting it out myself. I could go into great detail about each possession but I want get to the moral of my story…
Moral of my story…
Lisa met Emmanuel he was introduced to me through Lisa. When I met Emmanuel I knew I met light, an old soul such a strong force of power… Nothing I could really explain but I knew it was good for my soul spoke for me.
Myself and Emmanuel have come a long way, he has done so much good in my life. Since he has started working with me my life completely took a turn for the best. My last manifestation happened in my house in Midvaal (the wolf) my fiancé and friend was in the room when it happened, they didn’t know what to do they prayed held me down pushed bibles in my face. They knew that Emmanuel was the only one that could really help me, so they called him. He drove on his bike immediately from where he practices in Bedfordview to where I reside in Midvaal. He came into the room and looked me in my eye passed what possessed me into my soul. I felt the fear of the demon he rubbed my forehead and it was gone, he did not have to say anything. The demon has not returned! Emmanuel has done great things! I went to his temple because he wanted to speak to me, he said to me that he is picking up a spell from Limpopo area… something bad! Now Emmanuel didn’t know that my son’s family is from there. He knew the history that I had with them was horrible. They took me to court for me to agree that they can take my son out of the country I won the court battle for my son to stay in SA! This made them highly sour and they went to a sangoma to put a curse on my life. This same curse Emmanuel picked up. Emmanuel invited me back to his house so that we could call up spirits to get this spell from where it originated. I was obviously a little oblivious to this but I trust Emmanuel.
We started working at his temple – he told me to bring up the names who I thought could have put this on my life, so I did he spoke to spirits in the background and this padlock came up in a pot that was clearly empty when I was staring at it. It was a padlock with things and hair attached to it, it gave me the biggest fright… Emmanuel told me to calm down as we send it back to the sender. After the ritual was done I felt like a heavy weight was off my shoulders. I could actually feel the negativity back off…
My father passed away….
I had a feeling that I had to find my father, as I mentioned above my father lived on the streets with a serious heroinaddiction. My gut said to me that something was wrong, I mentioned to Emmanuel. I asked him to check if my father was still alive and so he did…. I received news that he was alive. So my mission started for me to find him. I remembered my father knew some ex-cons in Springs, so I jumped in my car and drove there. The first bum I found on the street told me that my dad got arrested the previous day, I went to the nearest police station where they told me that he was in the holding cell but had been send to prison. I went home and returned the next day to go see him in prison. They couldn’t find him even though he was registered on the computer system, they asked me to come back the next day. I returned just for them to tell me that he passed away the day before…..his organs had shut down.
I’m Hurt…
Due to everything I mean everything my father was my everything even though he wasn’t there for me I knew what the addiction did to him and I understood that he loved me! MY father really loved me….
Stupid me got myself on the needle as I was doing hard drugs even harder. (no excuse) but now I felt like I put a part of him in me, I felt closer to him then ever!
My addiction got so bad that I ended up doing bad things so on and so forth….
Finally I met my Fiancé Tim, he knew of Emmanuel because of what I have always told him… How Emmanuel was there for me how he showed me the light and how he changed my life!
Emmanuel has led me to many open doors, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
Tim. and I have been engaged for a little over a year now and I have never been so happy in my life, I know if Emmanuel did not set foot in this relationship it wasn’t going to work. T. just met me when my father passed away. Tim was a stranger to me then, he financially stepped in when my father needed to be buried, no one wanted to do this for my father as for they judged him all his life. I fell in love with Tim there and then because of his kind heart…. Tim took me with all my baggage. Broken self and addiction. Tim and Emmanuel co-operated about my addiction… Emmanuel started his work and I have been clean and sober for the last 7 months!!! I have my own company and life couldn’t get any better! I call Emmanuel dad as for I know my dad’s spirit is with him! Thank you Emmanuel

” – Mon, Johannesburg

Testimonial 3

Bonsoir Docteur Emma D. mon nom est Lyd’s de la RDC. Je veux juste vous dire merci pour vos services. Je vous consulte depuis 2017 et à chaque fois je suis satisfaite du résultat. Lors de vos consultations, ce que vous dites arrive tel que vous le dites. Aujourd’hui encore je continue à vous consulter pour toute les situations de la vie. Merci 🙏🏾 pour votre fiabilité.

” – anonymous – Cameroon

Testimonial 4

My name is Matt from Cameroun, i meet doctor Emmanuel from à good friend living in USA, who told me since i got in africa she feel like no one can help me grown, and she gave me doctor Emmanuel phone number, when i call doctor and introduce myself after 2minutes i tought i was talking to someone i meet before, wuthout telling my life, doctor décide to travel to Cameroun to meet with me, from there i started thinking that people was made to meet or God always sent an angel to someone who is on trouble, huh thanks and comment wont ne anough to describe doctor Emmanuel, but what i also found out when doctor help you he always say we will see how that hors, that mean you safe im done dont worry, also evryone who meet him in Cameroun was asking me where and how i know someone like this

” – matt – Cameroon

Testimonial 5

I’m a numbers guy. I like logic and reason. Behind any mystery is a scientific answer. This is why Emmanuel is a fascinating and deeply intuitive man. He is gifted by God to see what we do not see, to know what we do not know. In the cynical digital world in which we live, Emmanuel’s gifts are easily brushed over as tricks and sleight of hand. Except they are not. Emmanuel’s gifts and skills are as real as they are inexplicable. He is able to converse with a world which we do not see. And to deal with issues that affect us on a spiritual level, especially evil that has been manufactured by people with ill-intent. He is able to change the trajectory of your life, for the better. I do not understand the science that underpins what he does. But I am comforted in the thought that Einstein could not see black holes – however, he had faith that they are there. And now we are able to photograph blacks holes. Emmanuel gives us the faith to accept that because we cannot see it, does not mean it isn’t there. Work with Emmanuel. Your life will be better for it.

” – T, Johannesburg

Testimonial 6

Je tenais à te dire merci tu ma beaucoup aidé je ne serais plus de ce monde aujourd’hui si je ne t’avais pas rencontré”

– Cameroon

Testimonial 8

Mon frère docteur EMMANUEL j’étais connue dernière un amis l’or de ton passage ici au Cameroun à douala pendant que nous mangeons du à fais les révélations sur moi tu et je n’en revenais pas tu tu donne les intrusions que j’ai survie sans faute et tu ma dit que je verrais les résultats de ton travail. Et aujourd’hui ma vie à beaucoup changer , je vois un grand changement et depuis ton passage ici au Cameroun tous que tu avais dit c’est réalisé positivement merci docteur EMMANUEL

” – Cameroon

Testimonial 9

Growing up in an atheist home in South Africa, I was sceptical about how my life could transform when I was first introduced to African spiritualism. I met Dr Emmanuel when my family and I suffered an enormous loss in our lives. He helped me and my children find our path, to connect with our many ancestors, and identified spirits to guide us in our lives. I take great comfort from the complexity of my life since I met him. He is honestly the most extraordinary person I have ever met, and I respect him more than anyone.

Lisa, Johannesburg